Use cases of Skills Taxonomy

IYS Skills Taxonomy helps in skill-enablement of recruitment, learning and development, career planning and development, workforce planning and more


Skills Taxonomy / Profiler for Recruitment

Matching skills of candidates to that of jobs is a key driver of efficiency and quality in recruitment. IYS Skills Taxonomy helps in mapping of the skills of jobs and that of candidates in a holistic manner with skills wise proficiency levels. The Skills Taxonomy thus can be put to good use by Recruimtne Systems, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) and Job Portals

Skills Taxonomy / Profiler for Learning and Development

Understanding of one’s skills and gaps in skills help in directing the individual to the right learning and development courses. IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler helps in mapping of individuals’ skills and helps in skills gap analysis for better alignment of learning programs and the individuals. The Skills Taxonomy and Profiler can be useful for Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Course Providers and Trainers


Skills Taxonomy / Profiler for Workforce Planning

Who to place in which position? Who can be moved from one project to another? Can recruitment requirement be fulfilled from within the system? Such questions are best answered with a good skills mapping of employees and jobs - an area that IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler can immensely help. Thus Workforce Planning Systems, Resource Planning Systems and Project Management systems will find IYS SKills Taxonomy and Profiler very useful.

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