IYS offers multiple options to HR Tech Developers and Others

To use the IYS SKills Taxonomy and Profiler

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Skills Taxonomy API

The Skills Taxonomy Restful API provides several endpoints - all that you experience in the Skills Profiler. These include Search on skills, related skills, rating scale, descriptions and others. Developers can choose the endpoints they desire and build their own frontend based on their use case

IYS Skills Profiler web component / plugin

If you want to add the “Skills Profiler” as a component in your application, so that users can interact with it to add skills to their profiles or job descriptions, you can use the skills profiler web component written in HTML/CSS/JS

The user data from the web component is rendered as JSON output that can be stored at your end (we dont get your user data)


Skills Database

Based on your use case we can provide extract of the dataset in csv format. However, we offer this option on a select basis i.e. based on the company profile. Write to us sharing your use case. We will carve out the appropriate dataset for you.

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