Most exhaustive Information Technology Skills Taxonomy and Profiler

IYS Skills Taxonomy

IYS Skills Taxonomy has a wide and rich coverage of “skills” in the information technology. By skills we refer to knowledge, concepts, tools, activities, domain and others.

Number of skills (in IT)
Number of categories of skills
Number of occupations or roles

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Use cases Here are top five use cases of IT Skills Taxonomy from IYS

Create an employee skills profile for a detailed understanding of IT skills proficiencies. Likewise, create skills profiles for the jobs. With this rich skills data, you can do the following:

Skill Matching

Use the skills profiles for hiring and redeployment within the organization.

Skill-aligned Training

Tie training and learning programs that are most suited for employees based on skills gaps.

Competency-based Hiring

Hire more accurately and make better decisions by comparing the skills of different candidates.

Skill-enhanced customer acquisition

Enable sales and other teams to gain visibility into skills for better customer acquisition.

Skill-resource Strategy

Make strategic decisions on developing skills internally versus hiring for needed skills.

How to benefit from IYS's IT Skills Taxonomy and Profiler

Similar to how maps like Google Maps are integrated into location-based applications, you can integrate the IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler into your HR applications

There are two options:

Skills Taxonomy API

Use the API to call for skills, related skills, and more. Build your own frontend that users interact with.

Skills Profiler Plugin

Utilize the web plugin (HTML/CSS/JS) script to integrate the frontend we have carefully crafted into your application.

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IT Skills

Information Technology is one of the most dynamic fields with fast change in technology, occupations and skills thereof. The complexity emerges from combination of concepts, tools, activities and domain all of which keep evolving.

At the same time for anyone in the talent related function in IT such as recruitment, training, career development, HR analytics, HR strategy and others need quality data on skills to manage people and business processes.

The well organized, and constantly updated IYS Skills Taxonomy provides rich IT skills coverage so that these functions can be run in a highly efficient manner based on data on skills of people and jobs.

About IYS

IYS specializes in and focuses on skills research, and maintaining a rich skills taxonomy. Skills is a complex data set with lot of variables. With research over the years, IYS has matured its data structure to cater to these variables in the skills space.

IYS provides the Skills Taxonomy for the benefit of other skills based applications like HRIS, LMS, Recruitment Systems, ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems), Job Portals, Talent Management systems and others.



IYS blends AI with Human Intelligence (HI) in the skills domain. Using technology tools IYS curates skills from different sources and screens the curated skills. The setting of rules for organization, vetting of inclusion of terms and governance of skills data is done manually with support from SMEs (Subject Matter Experts).

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