IYS Skills Profiler can immensely boost Learning Management Systems value delivery

By enabling personal recommendations to users



Most Learning Management systems pitch on the number of courses they offer. Something like (not in exact words)

“Explore over 1,000 training courses”

But this is not good enough in today’s world of hyper personalization. People would like to see from your Learning Management system

“Here are 5 training courses that will boost your career”

Recommendations tailored for the user.


Your LMS can deliver this value if you understand the “skills profile” of your users. Every user is different. It will immensely benefit if you understand each one’s skills profile and make recommendations picking the right few courses from your repository of courses to them.

It is one of its kind. The smartness of IYS SAAS application comes from the “IYS Skills Profiler” embedded in the application.


IYS Skills Profiler

IYS Skills Profiler enables mapping of skills of people and of jobs in a comprehensive manner covering all aspects of talent including knowledge, tools, activities, domain knowledge and more. in a simple and intuitive manner

IYS Skills Profiler is backed by a rich and most exhaustive skills taxonomy that is constantly updated.

Partner with IYS

IYS can help your LMS deliver superior value. To get to know the user’s skills profile integrate this “IYS Skills Profiler” plugin to your application.

Let users create their “skills profile”. (You save the skills of the users at your end.)

Based on the skills of the users make recommendations from your course repository.


Experience the richness of Skills Taxonomy here search for a skill or occupation

How to benefit from IYS's Skills Taxonomy and Profiler

Similar to how maps like Google Maps are integrated into location-based applications, you can integrate the IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler into your HR applications

There are two options:

Skills Taxonomy API

Use the API to call for skills, related skills, and more. Build your own frontend that users interact with.

Skills Profiler Plugin

Utilize the web plugin (HTML/CSS/JS) script to integrate the frontend we have carefully crafted into your application.

Outcomes For You

Higher level of engagement with users
Hyper personalization
Higher conversion rate

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