IYS offers a rich Skills Taxonomy and Profiler
To enable Skills based People Practices

IYS Skills Taxonomy

Is a large dataset of skills
(with millions of records)

Covering all aspects of “skills”
(technical / functional skills, soft skills, activities in roles, domain expertise, certifications)

Curated, organized smartly and constantly updated
(using AI and DI - Domain Intelligence)

Covering all functions and disciplines
(such as engineering, HR, Supply Chain, Accounts / Finance, Management, Sciences)

Covering a range of industries
(such as IT, BFSI, Manufacturing, Engineering, Logistics, Retail, Healthcare)

With mapping of skills to roles
(such as Developer, Analyst, Chemist, Nurse, Salesperson)

With goal of making talent space skills-data-centric
(such as learning & development, hiring, workforce planning, compensation)

IYS Skills Profiler

Is a frontend that helps people in mapping skills

Simple ⦿ Intiuitive ⦿ Comprehensive

That enables skills Profiling of Individuals
(employees, applicants, students) Jobs


Experience the richness of Skills Taxonomy here search for a skill or occupation

Highlights of IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler


Covers all aspects of a Skills Profile including knowledge (of concepts, principles, methods and others), tools and technologies, activities, domain or contextual experience, and behavioral skills


Covers a range of Functions and Industries. Around 32 high level areas are covered that drill down further to sub areas or specializations.

Constantly Updated

The Skills Taxonomy is constantly updated curating skills, screening them, and organizing them within the Skills Taxonomy. IYS uses AI tools and Human Intelligence in the process

Some numbers on IYS Skills Taxonomy

Unique “skills” Terms
Skills Groups

Use cases Skills Profiles of people and jobs created using IYS Skills Profile has immense benefits

Skills Inventorying

Inventory or get complete stock of the skills in your company. Make business decisions with rich data on skills.

Career Development

Understand possibilities of career paths based on the skills profile of an individual and the skills profiles of the various roles in the company.

Employee Development

Personalize development plans (instead of following a one size fits all) based on the skills gap of each individual employee.

Resource Planning

Make resource allocation, employee movement and succession plan a data driven exercise with in depth analysis of skills data.


Improve recruitment productivity and efficiency with precision in “skills” matching and analysis of jobs and prospects.

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