Map, Track, Manage Skills with Organization Skills Management (OSM) SAAS application

Powered by built-in Skills Taxonomy covering skills across industries at zero additional cost

IYS Organization Skills Management (OSM) enables

Mapping, Processing and analyzing skills. It gives Employees, Managers, HR and Business Leaders vital skills data for quantum improvement in resource deployment, learning, employee engagement, business planning and more.

Skills Inventory

Map the skills of employees and the roles using the built-in skills taxonomy. The aggregation of these skills - skills inventory, enables skills data driven decisions.


Resource Management and Deployment

Agility and rapid response to business needs and opportunities are imperative for business competitiveness. Good quality of data on skills with IYS ESA empowers PMO, Operations Head, Delivery Teams and Client Managers to act effectively.

Skills Gap Analysis

Identify gaps in skills of employees with respect to their jobs. Chart out development plans tailored to individual needs. Approach training / Learning activities based on skills gaps in organization for better RoIe from Training.

Skills Based Hiring

Identify skills that you are surplus with and deficient in. Plan what skills to hire for or maybe some you could develop in house or maybe some employees could be retrained in other skills. If so, identify who these employees are and chart out plans for them.

Skills Data for Business Strategic Planning

Quality data on skills will enable businesses make strategic planning on human capital more effective. Skills Inventory, micro to macro level data on skills, easy slicing and dicing of data on skills will help better analysis and planning. HR will be able to aid businesses with what matters most – data.


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