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Skills enablement of HR Functions

IYS enables Organizations skills-centricity in people functions including
Recruitment / Hiring, Learning and Development, Talent Management
Workforce Planning, HR Strategy and others
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IYS Skills Taxonomy

Largest, widest coverage, comprehensive and……constanly updated skills database (aka competency library or skills library). The skills taxonomy curated and organized using AI and Human Intelligence - our appreciation of the skills landscape across industries garnered over a decade of focus and learning of this space.
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IYS Skills Profiler

Best way to map skills of employees and jobs covering all aspects of skills (including behavioral skills, technical skills, domain expertise and more). The Skills Profile brings out the skills and proficiency levels in a structured manner making it is easy effective to analyse skills data of people and roles for different use cases like recruitment, training, workforce planning, career planning, and others.
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IYS Skills Management

Simple powerful web application for managing skills in organizations (for skills inventory, skills gap analysis, skills planning, skills, deployment and more). The applications comes integrated with the Skills Taxonomy and Profiler and this means that organizations need not have spend anything additional for a skills or competency database.
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Highlights of Our Solution

1. Industry Agnostic

IYS Skills Solutions adapts seamlessly to any industry, ensuring effective skills management regardless of your business sector or size.

2. Flexible Deployment Options

Choose from a variety of flexible usage and deployment options, including Database, API, Plugin, or a full-fledged application, tailored to your organization's needs.

3. Integrations & Technical Support

Connect with ease. We work closely to ensure seamless data flow, integrating with your existing HR Tech or providing dedicated technical support.

4. Budget-Friendly

Our flexible pricing accommodates the unique needs of your business. We understand that every organization is distinct, and our pricing reflects that.

Different HR Tech - Different Use Cases One Solution

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Profile the skills of users / visitors and make personalized recommendations of learning programs.

Recruitment Systems / Job Portals

Enable structured skills profiling of jobs and candidates. Significantly improve the quality of matching of the two.

Workforce Planning / Resource Planning

Identify skills-matching resources within organization, plan resource movement, customer project deployment and more.


Enable link of skills profiles of employees and roles to compensation, performance, career planning and others.

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