IYS’s helps organizaiton put in place Processes and systems on Skills Management.

Benefit from our wealth of expertise in skills sapce


Challenges with impelementing Skills Management systems and processes

HR is not well equipped to handle the hard skills as much as it is able to on the soft skills.
The consulting companies with expertise on “skills” (or competencies) are very expensive.
Very few systems focused on skills management.

IYS Helps HR and organization with these challenges

Why IYS for skills management consulting?

  1. Probably the most knowledgable on skills area, with over a decade focused research on skills across domains and industries
  2. Very low cost compare to any other consulting service providers
  3. “Productised“ solution that can be easily with little time be customized for your organization and the roles in your organization

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Other highlights of skills management consulting

  1. Industry freindly - IYS’s expertise covers a range of functions and industries including Information Technology, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing and others
  2. Size friendly - Whether your organization is a large one or a medium size one, IYS can work with you
  3. HR friendly - The goal of IYS’s skills management consulting exercise is to train and equip HR to take on “skills management” on their own after the consulting exercise

IYS Skills Taxonomy and Profiler

A rich database of skills, curated and organized using AI and HI (Human Intelligence - our skills domain expertise), and one that is constantly updated

Some numbers on IYS Skills Taxonomy

Functions / Industries
Unique terms
Skills Groups
Roles mapped to skills
Associations of skills
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