IYS Skills Based Hiring Application

Achieve Precision, Speed, and Data-Driven Success in Skills-Based

Recruitment Powered by a Rich Skills Taxonomy

IYS Skills Taxonomy

Comprehensive skills mapping of jobs

Accurate skills mapping of candidates

Data-driven selection decisions

This is made possible by:

IYS Skills Taxonomy | Skills Profiler

An exhaustive, smart, and regularly updated database of skills.

Key features of IYS Skills Based Hiring Application

Precise Job Skills Mapping

Effectively map all required skills for a job, including methods, tools, technologies, and processes. Our rich Skills Taxonomy helps you articulate both technical and soft skills needed, along with their required proficiencies. This results in a comprehensive and structured Job Skills Profile, a vital starting point for effective skills-based hiring.

Precise Job Skills Mapping

Structured Skills Inputs from Candidates

Candidates receive the Job Skills Profile and indicate their skills, proficiencies, and relevant comments. This preliminary self-screening ensures candidates understand the job requirements and prevents outdated or irrelevant resumes from cluttering the recruitment process. The structured data-driven skills inputs from candidates enable a clearer assessment of job fit.

Structured Skills Inputs from Candidates

Rich Skills Data-Driven Decision Support

Hiring managers can immediately compare a candidate’s skills and proficiencies against the job requirements upon submission. This eliminates the need to manually process resumes, allowing managers to quickly compare candidates, make trade-offs, and determine the best fit. Structured skills mapping accelerates and enhances decision-making, reducing time spent on tedious resume reviews.

Experience skills mapping
Rich Skills Data-Driven Decision Support

Experience the richness of Skills Taxonomy here search for a skill or occupation

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