IYS Skills Profiler Plugin

The skills profiler plugin is a JS file with CSS. The CSS can be modified as per your application needs.

The skills profiler plugin renders the skills based on skills searched and selected by the users through API connected to the IYS SKills and Occupations Taxonomy (ISOT).

ISOT is a rich large, intelligent organised, database of skills across industries and functions.

Experience the richness of Skills Taxonomy here search for a skill or occupation

Two Versions

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin With Proficiency Rating

IYS Skills Profiler Plugin With Experience Profiler

In both these cases, when embedded into your application, the users of your application will be able to search and select skills.

The skills selected by the user are rendered in JSON format and you can save the skills information of the users at your end.

In the case of SKills Profiler plugin with proficiency rating, the users can, further to selecting skills, add proficiency levels to the skills and also give comments to the skills. These again are provided as JSON output that can be saved at the application end.

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