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It’s a world of hype-personalization. We are recommended movies that is right for our taste, so also music, news, videos, products, services and others.

It is not enough for any business (say for example an E-Commerce one) to say it has millions of products, user would like to see “recommendations” of the four or five products that are most relevant to him or her based on their persona, buying behavior, and others - essentially buyer profile

Personalization in Training offerings

Is your Training providing business offerings that most four of five training courses to users or is it just presenting the thousands of courses in your repository?

If you are not recommending training courses, surely you are losing out.

Users would love to see you Training site offer recommendations. You too would like the same, right?


How to personalize?

Each user’s profile is different or rather his or her “skills profile”.

Once you know their “skills profile” you can matching programs to select the training programs that best suit the person’s skills profile.

So, how can you get the user to create his or her skills profile?

IYS’s business booster

IYS offers a powerful yet simple Skills Profiler that enables individuals to map their skills. The skills profiler is backed by a rich skills taxonomy that enables users to intuitively map their skills across different dimensions.

And once you have their skills profile, you will be able to programmatically recommend training programs - personalizing your offerings.


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